Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm going to start with a belated post. I got out for a session on Jan 11th for an early start to the 2012 trout season. The temp was near 60 (yes, in January and in Minnesota). The stream was clear and had a medium flow as we had no snow to speak of at all this year. I didn't bring my fly rod, so I was using a small Panther Martin. My first cast brought me a 12" brown, but the hole was quickly spooked, so I kept moving. I caught several more fish in the next two hours, and was quickly fishing without my jacket. Anytime I can sneak a trout session this early in the year, I feel blessed!

And now for yesterday, Mar 5th......... I was anxious to get out, even if the conditions were far from perfect. The temp was more like Minnesota, low 30's with a brisk wind. I fished Crow Spring Creek, east of Rochester, Mn. I was using my new small stream rig, a custom St Croix 3wt 6' rod built by my son-in-law, Jeff Weatherly. I paired this with a new 2/3 Okuma SLV reel with Cabala's Prestige premier WF 3 F line. It was a perfect combination, much thanks to SIL Jeff.

I fought the wind and cold, and sorry to say, the trout were not cooperating, but any day on the trout stream is a beautiful day. Thank God for His Bounty!


cburdick75 said...

I love it John!! Glad to see you are getting out!! I can't wait to hit some streams with you again.

Trout MaGee said...

I know how you feel about being anxious to get out no matter the weather. The wind really makes it hard to enjoy sometimes. Nice job sticking it out and catching some trout. Tight lines.