Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Trout of 2011

March 19th, 2011. 50 degrees. I couldn't resist getting out today. I got on the stream about 2 pm. The trout were active but spooky. I caught a couple small brown trout right away, and decided to take a hike up the the headwaters looking for a little more run off and darker water. I was rewarded with a beautiful brook trout with some of the prettiest colors I've ever seen. I wish I would have taken a quick picture, but I wanted to get her back in the water quickly. A couple minutes later, I popped a real nice brown and this time I took the time to get a quick shot. After this I had about a mile and a half to hike back to the car and the sun was setting so I called it a day. Thank God for allowing me to enjoy his bounty!