Wednesday, April 25, 2012


20 # Lake Sturgeon (Mississippi River @ Winona)

55 # Lake Sturgeon (Mississippi River @ Winona)

55 # Lake Sturgeon (Mississippi River @ Winona)

Had to kiss my personal best (all species)
        I received a text from my son-in-law Jeff Friday night, wondering if I wanted to head to the River Saturday.  It took all of a nano-second to say "hell yes!".  As it turned out, the weather was to be nicer on Sunday, so we waited and headed out for Winona about 8 am.  The weather was cool, but dry, and Jeff proceeded catch walleye, sauger, and (baaaa) sheephead. 
     We moved to a prime spot, and Jeff suggested that I bait up the heavy duy cat rod.  In a very short time I caught, measured, took a photo, and released a 40" lake sturgeon.  It gave me the toughest fight in memory.  I was definately excited to say the least!  I would have been satisfied if the was the only fish I caught all day, but that was not to be the case! 
    I don't think a half hour went by when I had a light bite again, similar to the last one.  After a short wait, I set the hook and all hell broke loose!  I was making some headway when she broke water with a beautiful jump, and I swear, I thought it was six feet long.  My arms actually ached, my hands were shaking, and I wondered if my heart was going to make it.  We tried several times to net the monster, but the net was too small.  Now I'm really shaking, and on this try, we got the head in the net, and Jeff got his hand under the tail, and flipped her in the boat.  I could not believe what I had caught (with Jeff's help)!  It was the largest fish I have ever caught, and I have been fishing for over sixty years!
    It was a day that I will never forget.  Thank you Jeff Weatherly for turning me on to the most memorable fishing trip ever, and thank God for giving me the opportunity to partake of His Bounty!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DRIFTLESS GEMS: Mississippi River Angling

DRIFTLESS GEMS: Mississippi River Angling: Since the Mississippi River runs through the ":Driftless Region", I have decided to include my "Big River" adventures this year.  Generally ...

Mississippi River Angling

Since the Mississippi River runs through the ":Driftless Region", I have decided to include my "Big River" adventures this year.  Generally speaking my goal is to spend one day each weekend on both the trout streams, and also on my boat on the Mississippi River.

Saturday began with a rainy forecast for the day, and I love to trout fish on cloudy, rainy weather because that makes it harder for trout to see me.  I thought I would end the day on the streams, but my River partner son in law Jeff called to suggest a trip to the River.  It took only a moment to agree, so with rain gear packed, Jeff's boat in tow, we were off to Winona, Mn.  We arrived early afternoon, and launched below the dam.  It looked like a good day when shortly after getting on the water, I grabbed first fish honors (for a change)!  Jeff then proceeded to catch most of the fish as usual!  I ended up with the last fish also, but managed no photo opportunities.  The sun did manage to come out for the end of our day.

My second trip of the weekend was a solo trip to Red Wing, Mn.  It was windy with a temperature of 41 degrees as I hit the water!  I headed for a backwater area that would give me some shelter from the wind, and that I also knew  to be a good spot early in the year.  I thought it was ridicules to bring my cold weather fishing suit, but I was sure glad I did.  I managed a couple of photo opportunities before quitting around 6:00.  It was an enjoyable afternoon, even with the windchill in the 30's.  Brrrr!
I was a cold but fun afternoon.  Thank God for giving us the opportunity to enjoy His Bounty!