Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jun 2010

I have been on my favorite stream only three or four times this spring, but fishing has been good for numbers, not so good for trophy fish. Last weekend I fished the Middle Branch of the Whitewater River near the headwaters. Only a few small trout, but next time will be better. Thank God for his bounty!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Snow shoe trip to my fav trout stream on 8 Mar 2010

As I said yesterday, I came back to the stream with snow shoes today. Even with snow shoes, it was hard going as the snow was wet and heavy. It took about an hour and a half to go 1.5 miles to the head of the stream. The snow melt hasn't been enough to bring the water level up, and the big trout to the head of the stream. Although it would be bad for the major rivers, I need a good rain to fast melt the snow and bring the water level up. When that happens, the big trout will head to the headwaters, and I'll be there. It was an exhausting trip, but the valley was beautiful in all it's winter glory. I am truly blessed to be able to enjoy God's bounty!

Snow shoe trip to my fav trout stream on 8 Mar 2010

First 2010 trip to my valley

Mar 10th, 2010: I took my first trip to my valley today. The temp was about 45 degrees F, and it seemed a great day to hit the stream. When I arrived, I found snow up to my knees, and no trail broke. I couldn't get to the stream without totally exhausting myself, so I turned around and went back home. I will soon head back, only this time with snow shoes.